Meeting Individual Needs of the Students

Tutors’ whole life dets dedicated to teaching students knowledge and information in order to make them efficient enough to lead their life towards success and happiness. Their sole aim is to make students good citizens and human beings who have knowledge of emotions and everything which can make their life easy and can provide them honor for the rest of their life. Usually, tutors know what their students need and sometimes students have to ask them the questions they have or questions arise in their minds while the lectures they hear carefully. According to the most innovative tool of online learning software for school management tutors should never stop their noble duty towards students just seeing them happy because there are several individual needs students have which they don’t ask or inform but they need them a lot and tutor’s duty is to fulfill these needs. Software for school management also takes care that these needs should be taken care of in not only offline but also online classes. There are many ways through which tutors can help their students and provide them solutions to all their queries and their problems. It is necessary for the tutors to understand the needs of the students before interfering in their issues so that needful solutions can be provided to the students. So, lets understand the other individual needs of the students and strategies in order to meet them so that they can focus on their studies comfortably

First of all as tutors you need to understand the general details about the students like their abilities and their limits. All students are not alike, some are very brilliant minded and some can be mediocre, some can be average and some are even not aware that why are they studying but they are studying aimlessly. As a tutor you need to find out the interests, likes-dislikes, weakness-strength and all the things which attract them. There had been a ritual that teaching and learning used to happen by following the traditional teaching and learning methods where classes used to be tutor centered and where students had no intervention at all. But today ERP for school says that if the tutor finds it appropriate then he or she can know everything about the students with the help of data related to the students. ERP for school also states that tutors should be well aware of teaching material they are using to teach their students and also, they should be confident enough about its compatibility with the skills, knowledge, abilities and understanding of the students. In order to meet the individual needs of the students’ tutor needs to organize flexible grouping in the class because it allows students to study with a variety of peers. During participation in flexible groups students get to learn teamwork and collaboration where they enhance their teamwork skills and also perform self-development. Through this method of learning students can explain their needs to others and can learn from other peers and classmates also much more easily rather than tutors.

Tutors need to just not sit after teaching the students but also, they need to do assessment to know whether students are learning by your tutoring or not and how far they are gasping for your lectures. For this various assessment methods are there to find out such details. Here the test results show the success rate of the students and their efforts in order to attain the knowledge. Tutors need to create such an environment where with study of the students can get stimulated with creativity and improvement. Tutors need to care for the whole class instead of focusing and giving priority to the brilliant students only, when a united class is treated equally then all the students don’t matter having whatever capacity they win in their academic life a lot. Every class sees many students having different needs and abilities in them and treating each and every student individually is very difficult for the tutor therefore the tutor should take students in the class as a whole. Sometimes some students have to struggle a lot for getting command over some subjects and they are not able to cope up with other students in the class. Then it is necessary for the tutor to provide them extra help and solve their issues.


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