Things to know before moving to Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor is a coastal town in Washington which attracts people from all over the world. When finding a place where there is a good transportation system, job opportunities, great climates and few populations in Washington, Gig Harbor is your best bet. 

This town can be found close to the bridge from Tacoma, Washington. Since it is a coastal town, there are many fishing activities there and more development has begun in the area. If you are planning to move to this quiet and interesting town in Washington, here are some things to know before moving.

What to do when moving to Gig Harbor?

When you have decided you will move to Gig Harbor , here are some things you need to know :

How to move to the town 

Gig Harbor is a town in Washington, and if you are coming from outside WA, you will need a reliable moving company to help transport your belongings. Choosing Gig Harbor Movers who are a credible moving firm is your best choice to ensure your safety and they offer good rates. 

Cost of living

You will need to check online about the living conditions around Gig Harbor. Gig harbor has average housing and a modest tax rate, which you should be able to cope with. Since it’s a small town, you won’t be faced with the heavy cost of living in the town .

Weather situation

The average weather situation in Gig Harbor, WA falls below 55 Fahrenheit for about 230 days yearly. The snow falls heavily for just around 12 days. You should endeavor to prepare for that. Humidity is favorable in the town as it falls below 66% for about 35 days.

Safety concerns

Gig Harbor is a safe place to stay, which doesn’t mean there aren’t some minor crimes around the place. However, unlike the busy cities in mainland Washington, this modest location doesn’t witness too many crime scenes. 

Earthquakes and hurricanes are rare in the place and you will be fine. If you have any security concerns, you could call the police lines for adequate information about what you should do.

What are the advantages of living in Gig Harbor, WA?

When considering moving to Gig Harbor, here are some things you will enjoy in the place :

Modest town feel 

Gig Harbor is an average town where almost everybody knows one another. However, while not a big place, you will still have plenty to do as there are many shops, stores and restaurants to keep you busy every day. 

Friendly environment 

The locals in Gig Harbor are very friendly. Unlike what you experience in the Seattle freeze tradition up north, this is a place where everyone is a family. People look after one another and you are in safe hands. Irrespective of where you go in this town, you will always see people talking to you. 

There is a huge sense of communal living in this town. With the presence of numerous churches, fitness sites, clubs and malls, you will always meet other people. 

Family-friendly town 

If you are moving to Gig Harbor with your immediate or extended family, you are coming to the right place. Gig Harbor is a great town where you can raise your family. It has some  good schools where your kids can enroll without any problems. There are nice parks and kids-friendly playgrounds they can visit. 

Low crime situation 

Despite the modest population in this town, it has one of the lowest crime rates in Washington. The violent crime percentage is 45% lower than the national average. You can move around the town freely any time you want. 

Many avenues to stay active 

There are many gyms, fitness centers and trails you can use to keep you fit all year long. You could try the Cushman Trail which is popular among locals as it is simple to use. If you are a sportsperson, you could explore Sehmel Park, Kopachuck State Park and the McCormick woods. Some excellent suggestions for guns are Orange theory, Fitlab253 and Vie Athletics. 

Nice beaches 

If you are the outdoor type and seeking a place to tan your skin or just relax, there are numerous beaches in this town. You could relax at Sunrise beach, Bella Bella Beach amongst others. Gig Harbor is an ideal sport for kayakers, surfers and swimmers. 

Some challenges you might face when you move to Gig Harbor 

Here are some challenges you might encounter when you move to this town :

Lack of nightlife 

Gig Harbor is a quiet town and might not be a good place for night lovers. Any time after 9.30 pm, you will find most people in their homes and you will need to drive about 12 minutes to get to Tacoma clubs and restaurants. 

Home prices 

An average home is around $705,000 which is above Washington’s median rate of $500,000, which might be too much for new migrants. However, there are still some great houses and condos for around $450,000. 


Gig Harbor is an ideal town to move to for people seeking a nice place to stay in Washington. They have many bars, beaches, and restaurants and there are many friendly locals. However, night crawlers might fight it hard to cope since the town is quiet after 9.30 pm. 


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