Simple Hacks to Make Entertaining Easier


Throwing a good party is a talent. From making a guest list to planning food to providing the perfect atmosphere for your guests, it can be quite stressful if you don’t know where to start.

Home Is Where It’s At

If you aspire to throw the perfect soiree but you find yourself stressing over the layout and decor of your home and landscape, do not fret. We have some simple hacks for you that will allow you to make small yet significant improvements that give your home a warm, hospitable feel, no matter what the occasion. Incorporate these simple hacks into your life, and watch your guests light up when they enter your home.

Keep Food and Drink Offerings Simple

Planning an extravagant menu is divine—if you are a professional chef. If not, it’s better to offer some killer appetizers paired with an exquisite California wine to provide a comfortable, intimate feel to your gathering. Choose items that you are familiar with and that construct easily to make sure you’re not locked in the kitchen all evening. Get your guests in on the action by providing a “do it yourself” sandwich or cocktail station, and let them experience your party from the inside out.

Use Candles

Nothing is more simple yet elegant than a fine display of softly lit candles scattered around your home. Soft light adds mystery and ambiance to a party, making it look like you went the extra mile when planning your event.

Have a Fantastic Playlist

Setting up a playlist to play in the days leading up to a party is a great way to provide an additional atmosphere and set the tone and mood for an event. Pick a wide variety of music that guests will enjoy, and steer clear of anything too eclectic, as it may make it difficult for guests to live in the moment. If you want to go the extra mile, hire a local musician or band to take things to the next level.

Scatter Greenery

Nothing says lush party atmosphere quite like a beautiful array of flowers or greenery scattered throughout. Place beautiful greenery and flowers in each room, on the patio, and on food and drink tables to add more to your overall party atmosphere without breaking the bank.

Add Outdoor Lighting

The use of both indoor and outdoor spaces allows guests to move around and mingle freely, adding festive freedom to your soiree. Adding outdoor lighting to enjoy backyard spaces after the sun sets will create yet another party space to use till the sun rises once more. Flags, garland, and outdoor lanterns add festivity and beauty to all elements of your gathering; use several different decorations for a breathtaking presentation that will make an impression on your guests.

Add a Deluxe Water Station

There are only so many alcoholic and sweet drinks that a person can throw down before getting parched. Setting up an elegant, over-the-top water station will provide some much-needed hydration while letting your guests know that you went the extra mile to serve them with style.

Add Throws and Decorative Pillows to Existing Furniture

If you don’t have the budget for a complete renovation of your basement, why not invest some coin in decorative pillows and throws that can give your space an updated look on a dime? Even outdoor furniture can be spruced up with little pops of color that make a space more inviting as guests sit, sip, and mingle.

Upgrade the Barbecue

If you are prone to throwing spontaneous backyard bashes at the drop of a hat, why not jazz up your barbecue station? Upgrade the grill, add a smoker, and set up an appetizer station where guests can watch the wizard in action. This small but significant change will inspire more of those ho-hum RSVPs to definite “yeses” as they anticipate your mouthwatering options.

No Need to Take Out a Loan

These small yet significant hacks ensure that your next events will be magical and memorable for you and your guests. There’s no need to take out a renovation loan or refinance to enjoy time with family and friends. Enjoy yourself and bask in the glow of a job well done at your next gathering.


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