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If you’re looking for the best sources of entertainment, Bilibili is the name on your lips. The company is a leading mobile video platform for China’s younger demographic. Its stock is up 13 per cent on Friday compare to a loss of 3 per cent the previous day. Bilibili is a multi-pronged media company, with a mobile and online gaming division, and a live broadcasting and VAS arm. As of April, it’s worth US$2.6 billion, according to data from research firm Dealogic. In March, it was list on the Nasdaq and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and is expect to move from the latter to the former in the near future. Despite its new found prominence, the company still remains a relative newcomer, having only launch in December 2011.

Sources Bilibili 3B Hong Kong US is not the only Chinese company making waves on the global stage. For instance, Chinese telecoms and mobile apps firm China Mobile announced a deal with American smartphone maker Samsung last week, which is likely to further boost the company’s mobile revenues in the long run.

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Bilibili’s stock price fell almost seventy five percent from its offering price in March last year. Its shares have since risen thirteen per cent. However, the company’s stock still faces delisting risks.


The Chinese internet company has received formal approval from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to change its status to dual primary listing. The switch will allow the firm to list its shares in both the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) and the United States’ Nasdaq market. But there are a few key differences between the two.

Dual primary listings require a higher threshold and additional rules. For example, the minimum market capitalization for a weighted voting rights (WVR) application must be HK$40 billion. Also, firms that wish to change their listing status to primary must provide a detailed plan for compliance with the rules


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