UKBased Moonpig London 491M

UKBased Moonpig London 491M- Looking For Private Equity Investors

UKBased Moonpig London 491M has been operating for many years in the UK and is a successful online greeting card retailer. They are currently looking for Private equity investors to help them expand their business model and have plans for an IPO. The company currently has a market capitalization of 491 million. This is a significant figure and will help them in their quest to expand and grow.

Online Greeting Card Retailer

UKBased Moonpig London 491M is an online greeting card retailer based in London, but it also operates in the Netherlands and Australia. It has a solid track record of winning the personalised gifts game, which is a big deal in a sector that is known for being dominated by multinationals. The company has garnered a 65 percent market share in the Netherlands and holds 60 percent of the online greeting cards market in the U.K. With a little help from a few tech hubs in the UK and US, it’s clear that Moonpig has the chops to keep up with the competition.

Aforementioned Impressive Feat

The aforementioned impressive feat is a testament to the company’s data driven approach to running its business. This includes artificial intelligence powered smart filters and algorithms to predict your sentiments and send the perfect personalised gift. Moreover, the company’s tech hubs in the UK and the United States ensure that the company’s technology is always up to speed. In fact, Moonpig has a mobile app that doubled its order volume in October compared to the year prior.

Business Model

UKBased Moonpig London 491M is a gift card e-commerce firm. It has a market share of over 60%. They offer a broad range of products, from greeting cards to beauty and gifts. Their competitors include Amazon, Etsy, Not on the High Street and John Lewis.

Re-Brand Products

UKBased Moonpig London 491M business model revolves around selling personalized cards. To do this, they rely on a variety of suppliers to provide raw materials and to re-brand products. This strategy, however, presents a number of threats to its future.

European Union’s Regulation

One major threat is the European Union’s regulation on technological processes. This may limit the scope of Moonpig’s potential.

Another potential threat is the company’s premium pricing strategy. Although the company has a solid brand and offers an enticing product range, its customers are price-sensitive and switch to competitors’ products easily.

Keeping existing customers is no easy task. However, the company is doing a good job. The company offers a wide selection of gifts, including flowers, balloons, books and alcohol.

Private Equity Investors

The online greeting card retailer Moonpig is on track for an IPO in London. The company has lined up some big name investment banks to handle the offering. This is a welcome liquidity event for the company.

Private equity investors are also weighing in on the company. Exponent Capital, one of the largest private equity firms in the UK, has a stake in Moonpig and other e-commerce companies. It also has a stake in the Netherlands-based Greetz.

London Stock Exchange

UKBased Moonpig London 491M is expected to trade on the London Stock Exchange in December. The company’s shares opened at 440 pence, a 25.7% rise over its original price. Currently, it has a market cap of PS1.2 billion.

Company’s Mobile App

The company’s sales are growing strongly and have more than doubled in the six months ended October. Revenue is driven by the company’s mobile app.

Moonpig has a strong market share in the U.K. among the top three digital card players. However, there are a number of challenges the business faces. One is the shift in brick-and-mortar retail to online sales. That may impact the ability of Moonpig to retain new customers.

IPO Aspirations

UKBased Moonpig London 491M UK online greeting card retailer Moonpig is planning a stock market listing worth PS1 billion. Its first half revenues rose six-fold. And it counts on data-driven technology to fuel growth.

Private Equity Firms Exponent

UKBased Moonpig London 491M company, which is backed by private equity firms Exponent Private Equity and Dragoneer Global Fund II LP, is one of many companies in Europe to consider a public listing. Moonpig aims to become the go-to online market for gifting.

Final Words:

Its shares have been on a rapid rise. Just minutes after pricing its IPO, its stock price was up 25.7%. Now the company’s shares are trading at 440 pence. This is the second largest London IPO so far this year.

A resurgence in IPO activity in London is one reason for the surge in interest. In addition, companies are willing to pay for technology-enabled assets. These include cybersecurity firm Darktrace, which is also considering a listing. Also, currency exchange app Transferwise is reportedly slated to list in April.


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