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Physna CincinnatiBased AIPowered Series SequoiaWiggersVentureBeat that is currently in the process of developing a new technology that will revolutionize the way people do business. The company is developing software to determine if someone has stolen the intellectual property of other companies. This technology breaks down 3D objects into smaller geometric units and can detect if an image is stolen or not.

Best 3D Search Solution

For this year’s CES, Physna CincinnatiBased AIPowered Series SequoiaWiggersVentureBeat took the crown for the best 3D search solution. The company reportedly has more than $30 million in venture capital and has also racked up over 250,000 members on their free-to-use platform, referred to as Thangs. During the show, the company also announced the launch of their Instant AR product, an augmented reality application that lets users place objects into real-world environments. This feature is available for both iOS and Android native browsers.

Ability to Codify 3D Models

Physna CincinnatiBased AIPowered Series SequoiaWiggersVentureBeat has also demonstrated the ability to codify 3D models into data. The company uses a technology called geometric deep learning, or GDML, to transform 3D models into useful information. These tools will enable engineers, procurement managers, and other stakeholders to search for items based on their images, geometries, and other metadata. They will also be able to visualize new 3D models in an enterprise-wide context. Ultimately, Physna plans to use its newfound capital to further its development.

Physna CincinnatiBased AIPowered Series SequoiaWiggersVentureBeat other ai powered marquee is the instant AR application, which lets users place objects into their environment using their mobile phones. It has an elegant user interface that is compatible with both iOS and Android native browsers. Among other features, it allows users to upload and manage assembly files from virtually any platform.

Three-Dimensional Search Engine

Physna, a three-dimensional search engine, was create by former intellectual property lawyer Paul Powers. After attending Harvard, he attended law school in Germany. In Germany, he became a patent attorney. He was interested in searching for a way to identify if someone was copying someone else’s intellectual property.

Physna has already attracted investors from industries that use its technology. It’s a software solution that helps companies detect if their designs are being copied. It can also help improve the quality of their products and speed up the creation of prototypes. This technology has found a place in aerospace, automotive, oil and gas, and security. Physna has even been tested in the process of inspecting commercial equipment.

Prevent Patent Theft

Physna started as a company to help prevent patent theft. But it quickly shifted into quality control and inspection. The company has 15 employees and a 6,000-square-foot headquarters in downtown Cincinnati. Now it is trying to raise additional capital. Some of its investors are Maguire, Tiger Global and Sequoia Capital.

Physical & Digital Worlds

Physna’s mission is to bridge the physical and digital worlds. Its software can be use in factories around the world. A free version of the company’s service has been download over a million times. If a licensing deal is reach, the company could hire more than 100 new workers.

Physna is a software company that has got the attention of Silicon Valley investors. This is not surprising since it is in the business of building software that breaks down 3D objects into smaller geometric units that can be assemble to form a whole. The software could help maintenance crews inspect jet engine blade wear, for instance. They are also in the business of letting manufacturers show off their products to prospective customers before they actually make it to the production line. Using the right software, manufacturers have been able to increase picking efficiency by 46%.

Final Words:

One of the company’s products is a cleverly craft 3D search tool that can be use by any company to mine a plethora of 3D data, which can be useful for everything from a new product development to a company’s new headquarters. Other products include a software suite that is design to help companies improve the user experience of their apps and sites. Physna is also in the business of hiring a slew of senior level sales executives to drive their software wares.


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